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Published online 15/03/2022



Valeria FOL, St. Marina between Venice and the Balkans

Vanya LOZANOVA-STANCHEVA, Towards the Sources of the Legend of the Dragon of Rhodes

Albena GEORGIEVA, The Miraculous Pathway of Individuation

Alexandra FOL, Defining Beauty in Art: Five provisi and Six Criteria sine qua non

Vessela ATANASSOVA, A Foot of Sarapis in the National Archaeological Institute with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Marta IVAYLOVA, The Elephant in an Early Christian Text. Semantic and Linguistic Changes

Orlin SABEV, An 1866 Celestial Event in the Balkans and its Contemporary Scientific Interpretation

Georgeta NAZARSKA, Sofia as a Sacred Space for Esoteric Societies (end of the 19th – first half of the 20th century)

Joanna SPASOVA-DIKOVA, Stage Incarnations of Totalitarian Mythologems in the Bulgarian Theatre

Published online: 15 December 2021


Maria TODOROVA, Greek? Revolution? Historiographical Inscriptions of a Historical Event

Biser BANCHEV, The Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro and the Conflict of Identities in 2019 – 2020

Simona MITROIU, Memory of communism through comics: continuities and disruptions of violence, commodification and manipulation

Simona LAZĂR, Anca CEAUŞESCU, Symbolism and functions of the fireplace in traditional societies. Case study: the Romanian space


Biser BANCHEV, Bulgaria between the Intelligence Services of the Superpowers during the Cold War (Jordan Baev, Amerikanskoto razuznavane i Balgariya (1941 – 1991). [Йордан Баев, Американското разузнаване и България (1941 – 1991)] Sofia, Iztok-Zapad, 2021;

Jordan Baev, KGB v Balgariya. Satrudnichestvoto mezhdu savetskite i balgarskite taiyni sluzhbi (1944 – 1991). Vtoro dop. Izdanie. [Йордан Баев, КГБ в България. Сътрудничеството между съветските и българските тайни служби (1944-1991). Второ доп. Издание] Sofia, Balgarska istoriya, 2021)

Dobrinka PARUSHEVA, About Balkanism(S) and Beyond (Diana Mishkova, Beyond Balkanism. The Scholarly Politics of Region Making. Abingdon, Oxon and New York, NY, Routledge 2018)

Notices bibliographiques

Ελεονώρα Ναξίδου, Η Ευρωπαϊκότητα εντός της Βουλγαρικής βαλκανικότητας. Ο Λιούμπεν Καραβέλοφ, ο φεντεραλισμός και οι Έλληνες. Αθήνα: Αλεξάνδρεια, 2021. [Eleonora Naxidou, Europeaness in the context of Bulgarian "Balkaness". Liuben Karavelov, Federalism and the Greeks. Athens, Alixadria, 2021] (Yura KONSTANTINOVA)

Maria Markova, Bulgarite v Zapadna Thrakia – granitsi i identichnosti, XIX vek – 30-te godini na XX vek [Българите в Западна Тракия – граници и идентичности, ХІХ век – 30-те години на ХХ век] Sofia, AI “Prof. Marin Drinov”, 2021 (Yura KONSTANTINOVA)

Greeks and Bulgarians: Parallels and Intersections in History and Culture (edited by Yura Konstantinova and Eleonora Naxidou), Institute for Balkan Studies&Centre of Thracology- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia 2021 (Fotiny CHRISTAKOUDY)

Spartak Paskalevski, El GrecoProzreniyata na Duha [Прозренията на духа]. Dialog i duhovnost, Bd. 8. Sofia, TEMTO, 2019, 697 s., gebunden, s/w und b. Illustr., Namenregister S. 584-607, Resümee auf Bulgarisch, Russisch, Deutsch und Englisch, (hrsg.) R. Zlatanova, Gestaltung S. Paskalevski. (Nadezhda DRAGOVA)

Bernhard Bachinger, Die Mittelmächte an der Saloniki-Front 1915-1918. Zwischen Zweck, Zwang und Zwist. Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, 2019. (Rumen NIKOLOV)

S. Eldarov, A. Balcheva, I. Ognyanova, etc. (sast.) Balgaro-harvatski nauchni, kulturni i duhovni vrazki [Българо-хърватски научни, културни и духовни връзки]. Sofia, IBTST, 2021. (Liudmila MINDOVA)

Petar Stoyanovich, Patyat kam Sofia. Proizhod, obrazovanie i motivatsiya na prints Ferdinand Saks-Koburgski i Gotski za misiyata v Bulgaria [Петър Стоянович, Пътят към София. Произход, образование и мотивация на принц Фердинанд Сакс-Кобургски и Готски за мисията в България ] Sofia, Faber, 2021. (Rositca STOYANOVA)

Published online: 15 September 2021


Zorka PARVANOVA, The Political Life of Bulgarians in the Ottoman Empire after the Young Turk Coup between Ethno- and Inter- Nationalism

Tijana P. ZEBIĆ-BJELICA, Visual Culture and Contribution: a Trader from Pirot – Koca Stefanović

Veton LATIFI, International Order and the Balkans Following the Collapse of the Cold War Balance of Power

Christina SAVOVA, Thomas THOMOV, Two Graffiti Drawings from the Ottoman Period of Ayasofya

Alex Rodriguez SUAREZ, Bells and Bell Ringing in Medieval Serbia and Bulgaria


Miliyana KAYMAKAMOVA, A Book About a Tireless Researcher of The Balkan Middle Ages. (Balkanistikata e moyat zhivot. (Ne)poznatata Vasilka Tapkova-Zaimova, Sast. i red. Raya Zaimova [Балканистиката е моят живот. (Не)познатата Василка Тъпкова-Заимова, Съст. и ред. Рая Заимова] Sofiya, IBTST, 2020. 310 s. (Studia balcanica 34)

Irena KRISTEVA, Sur les flots du Danube littéraire. (Eliana Raytcheva et Julieta Velichkova-Borin (dir.), Jules Verne et la Bulgarie. Actes du colloque international, Sofia, 24-26 octobre 2019, Sofia, Presses de l’Université de Sofia Saint Clément d’Ohrid, 2021, 240 p.)

Vie scientifique

Dmytro MYKOLENKO, Mezhdunarodnyy onlayn kruglyy stol «Infrastruktura kak faktor modernizatsii tsentral'no-vostochnoy Yevropy v «Dolgom XIX veke» (Международный онлайн круглый стол «Инфраструктура как фактор модернизации центрально-восточной Европы в «Долгом XIX веке»)

Published online: 25 May 2021


Liliana SIMEONOVA, The Amalfitans in Byzantium: Merchants, Monks, and Political Figures, 9th – 13th Century

Mihail-George HÂNCU, “Begin as You Mean to Go On”: The Opening Chapters of the Palaea Historica in Greek, Slavonic, and Romanian

Ileana MIHAILA, Ianake Vacarescu – un lettré roumain des Lumières et son destin posthume

Vania PAPANIKOLAOU, The Reception of George Bernard Shaw in the Context of the Female Woman Star System: the Case of Pygmalion

Maria MAVROGENI, The Italian Marionettes in Athens... to Fill the Void of Joy Period of Fast

Alain VUILLEMIN, Une œuvre singulière

Comptes rendus

Julieta VELICHKOVA-BORIN, Le Don poétique de Lubomir Guentchev (Lubomir Guentchev, Écrits inédits, t. 9 et 10. Textes établis par Alain Vuillemin. Cordes-sur-Ciel, Rafael de Surtis, 2020)

Stoyanka KENDEROVA, New Sources about the History of Athens during the Ottoman Period (Ottoman Athens: Topography, Archaeology, History. Ed. by Maria Georgopoulou and Konstantinos Thanasakis. Athens, American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, 2019)

Notices bibliographiques

Antoaneta Balcheva (sast. i red.), Kultura na patuvaneto v Evropeyskiya Yugoiztok.: [Антоанета Балчева (cъст. и ред.), Култура на пътуването в Европейския Югоизток]. Sofia, Izd. na IBCT-BAN, 2020 (Milena GEORGIEVA)

Alexandra Milanova, Ot Konstantinopol do Yanina. Vsekidnevieto na Balkanite prez pogleda na François Pouqueville [Александра Миланова, От Константинопол до Янина. Всекидневието на Балканите през погледа на Франсоа Пуквил]. Sofia, Izd. na IBCT-BAN 2020 (Dobrinka PARUSHEVA)

Published online: 1 March 2021


Ionuț NISTOR, Romanian Plenipotentiary Ministers and Consuls in Bulgaria during the Second World War

From Invisibility to Visibility. Biography as a Historical Source for the Rise of the Actor’s Profession in Greece (from the 19th Century to the 1930’s). Theoretical Aspects, European Encounters and Biographical Genres

Sébastien MARRE, La formation de la population du Pirée au XIXe siècle

Cyril PAVLIKIANOV, Unknown 19th Century Athonite Poem about a Quarrel for Land and Cholera

Gheorghe LAZĂR, Social Life аnd Family Relations in the Testaments of Wallachian Merchants (18th C. – Early 19th C.)

Comptes rendus

Nadia BOYADJIEVA, A Valuable Work on the History of International Relations (140 anni di relazioni fra Italia e Bulgaria. Diplomazia, economia, cultura (1879–2019). A cura di Stefano Baldi e Alexandre Kostov/ 140 години отношения между Италия и България. Дипломация, икономика, култура (1879–2019). Sofia, Tendril Publishing House, 2020)

Notices bibliographiques

Andreas Liberatos, Vazrozhdenskiyat Plovdiv: transformatsya, hegemonya, natsionalisam [Aндреас Либератос, Възрожденският Пловдив: трансформация, хегемония, национализъм] Sofia, IK “Gutenberg”, 2019 (Nadia DANOVA)

Ioanna Spissarevska, Vatikanski izvori za bulgarskata istoriya XVII v. [Йоанна Списаревска, Ватикански извори за българската история ХVII в.] Sofia, Darzhavna agentsiya “Arhivi”, 2019 (Arhivite govoryat, t. 71) (Elmira VASSILEVA)

Published online: 21 Dec 2020


Biser BANCHEV, The Albanian Community in South Serbia and Its Leaders (2010-2014)

Irina OGNYANOVA, Croatia’s “Long Journey” to the EU

Aikaterini (Katerina) MARKOU, La « minorité musulmane » en Thrace grecque: le contexte socio-économique et religieux (1990-2019)

Spaska SHUMANOVA, The Issue of the Environmental Protection of the City of Rousse in the Bulgarian-Romanian Relations

Elene GOGIASHVILI, Drachen- und Riesengestalten in georgischen und bulgarischen Volksmärchen

Études dix-huitiémistes dans les Balkans

Ileana MIHAILA, Les Roumains des Lumières, lecteurs de la littérature de leur époque, vus au long du XXe siècle

Comptes rendus

Hüseyin MEVSIM, The World as a Picture, the Picture as a World (Margarita Serafimova, Orhan Pamuk i Imeto mi e Cherven. Ot osmanskata miniatyura do postmoderniya roman [Маргарита Серафимова, Орхан Памук и Името ми е Червен. От османската миниатюра до постмодерния роман]. Veliko Tarnovo, Faber, 2020)

Yura KONSTANTINOVA, A Journey through Modern Greek Poetry (Fotiny Iannis Christakoudy, Problemi na gratskiya literaturen razvoi 1880-1930 [Фотини Янис Христакуди, Проблеми на гръцкия литературен развой 1880-1930]. Sofia, IK Ni plus, 2020)

Zorka PARVANOVA, Ottoman Salonica in the Bulgarian Historical Memory. (Yura Konstantinova, Bulgarite v osmanskiya Solun [Юра Константинова, Българите в османския Солун]. Sofia, IBCT – BAN, 2020) 

Dobrinka PARUSHEVA, The Bulgarian Presence in Thessaloniki: Personal Stories, Community Interests, Intercommunity Relations (Solun i bulgarite: istoriya, pamet, savremie. Sast. i red. Yura Konstantinova, Nadia Danova, Yordan Zhelev [Солун и българите: история, памет, съвремие. Съст. и ред. Юра Константинова, Надя Данова, Йордан Желев]. Veliko Tarnovo, Faber, 2019)

Evlogi STANCHEV, A Balkan Model of Catholic Confessionalization? Missionary Activities and (Proto-)National Identity in the Early Modern Ottoman Balkans (Antal Molnár, Confessionalization on the Frontier. The Balkan Catholics between Roman Reform and Ottoman Reality. Roma, Viella, 2019)